Annual PHAS Meeting

Friday, June 7th, 2019 at 6:00pm at Hubbard Lodge, Route 9, Cold Spring

PHAS members and guests are invited to join us at our Annual Meeting and cast their vote for the Officers and Directors slate and then join our Board for a light picnic supper. This is a great informal opportunity to get to know and socialize with the Board of Directors and other volunteers, and find out more about our programs and activities. The setting is the patio overlooking the Ann Odell Butterfly Garden where you can enjoy the butterflies and the voices of the spring birds.


Members may vote in either of three ways:

1) In person at the Annual Meeting on Friday, June 7th, at Hubbard Lodge on Rt. 9 at 6:00pm or

2) By returning this absentee ballot no later than Thursday, June 5th to PHAS, PO Box 292, Cold Spring, NY 10516-3657

3) Or, via the internet, by casting your ballot from our website by June 8th.

 The PHAS Board recommends a vote for the entire slate as presented by the Nominating Committee and approved at the May 13th Board meeting.


(2-year term, 2019-2021) Vice-President, Perry Pitt


(3-year term, expires 2022) Tom Mullane, Scott Silver, Lisa Mechaley, Brian Rubino, Sean Camillieri; Leslie Mott

Place your vote electronically here:

Your Vote for Entire Slate
Vote for Officer Perry Pitt Vice Presdient
Vote For Director Tom Mullane
Vote for Director Scott Silver
Vote for Director Lisa Mechaley
Vote for Director Brian Rubino
Vote For Sean Camillieri
Vote for Leslie Mott