October Bird Walk at Glynwood in Cold Spring

Glynwood Bird.jpg

For our October Bird Walk, Pete Salmansohn, Brian Rubino, and Ryan Bass led a walk at Glynwood Farm for approximately twenty participants. In total, they observed thirty five species of birds, with the exciting highlights:

- A "pre-game time" Peregrine Falcon parking lot flyover that subsequently put up a flock of European Starling near the farm store.

- An immature Red-tailed Hawk parking lot flyover during pre-walk orientation. 

- An American Kestrel demonstrating agility over the Quidditch field ;-)

- Eastern Phoebes (6)

- Purple Finch (2), frequent this fall migration, perhaps will overwinter and visit feeders stocked w/Black Oil Sunflower

- Palm Warbler (8)

- Eastern Bluebird (3)

At one point, near the end of the walk, we locked the spotting scope onto a downed limb near the root cellar for twenty minutes. The convenient perch constantly rotated between Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Bluebird, and Palm Warbler. Multiple walk participants had extended views of these species and enjoyed the brilliant definition, clarity, and magnification afforded by the spotting scope.

Finally, the hardiest walk participants enjoyed scope views of an Adult Red-shouldered Hawk, again from the magical raptor parking lot.