Here Is How You Can Take Part in Conservation

Kali Bird, Joe Patrick and Michelle Smith

Kali Bird, Joe Patrick and Michelle Smith


The Hudson Highlands Land Trust and Putnam Highlands Audubon Society paired up for a volunteer workday at the deRham Watergrass Sanctuary July 12 during New York State’s first Invasive Species Awareness Week.  Highlands Current Article

Here are links to resources for you to engage and participate in conservation of our precious bird population.

Atlantic Flyway

The Atlantic coast offers a richness of habitats that birds depend on for food, nesting and survival.  These same habitats also protect people from natural disasters.  But the birds are in trouble.

Audubon at Home

Audubon at Home is a program by Audubon to provide homeowners and communities with information and downloadable resources to create and maintain healthy yards, to help birds and other wildlife, to participate in neighborhood conservation, and more.

Bird Counts

Explore the various events and programs that involve Audubon and birders at large in going tallying which birds are seen when and where in our area.  You are invited and encouraged to join us!

Bird Friendly Communities

Learn about how to make your yard and community more bird friendly in order to help our winged friends that are residents or just passing through, by providing habitat, nesting sites, food, and more .

Citizen Science

Learn about various opportunities to become involved in, and to contribute to, our attempts to learn more about birds and other wildlife in our area.

Important Bird Areas

Important Bird Areas have been identified as habitats worth protecting.  We have several of New York State's IBAs right here in the Highlands.  Check it out.