June 10th PHAS - The Annual Meeting!

Calling all chapter members: Friday evening, June 10th, we will hold our Annual Meeting which will include voting on board members, a brief chapter meeting and then a casual picnic-style dinner with catered sandwich platters, drinks, and desserts.  This is a great opportunity to come out and meet fellow chapter members as well as the board members.  It is a completely casual affair and a great chance to share bird and wildlife stories as well as to share suggestions for upcoming offerings and programs you'd like to see us host.  The voting meeting is at 5:30pm, followed by a brief board meeting, which will then be followed by the picnic.  Your support of Audubon and our chapter through your membership is so appreciated, and we'd love for you to come by to say hi so we could thank you all personally and hear your suggestions for the future.  RSVP is NOT required, however, if you're able to let us know in advance that you're planning on stopping by, we'll make sure to save some dessert for you!  Hope to see lots of you there!     

  • Voting meeting 5:30pm
  • Brief Board meeting 6:00pm
  • Picnic 6:30pm

Members should have received a voting proxy form in the mail, but a copy is available for download here:  2016 Proxy Voting Form .

May 21st Birdwalk in Watergrass Sanctuary

Species Iist:

Northern Cardinal

Black-capped Chickadee

Wood Thrush

Eastern Wood-Pewee

Scarlet Tanager


Tufted Titmouse

White-breasted Nuthatch



Red-bellied Woodpecker

 Putnam Highlands Audubon Society 

Birdathon Update!

The results are in.  Our total species count was 176.  This is not as large as some counts in the past but the weather was poor and certainly had an impact.  Thank you to all of those who cheered us on and those who made donations towards our efforts.  Your contributions are so greatly appreciated. 

Click here to see the results of this year's Birdathon. 

We are dedicated to preserving and maintaining those lands and waters that have been entrusted to our stewardship and to inform and educate the public on issues involving birds, wildlife, and the environment.

Protect Our Most Endangered Birds

We urgently request that you join National Audubon and Audubon chapters across the country in supporting two critical bird conservation bills that are currently under consideration in Congress. 

Albatross and Petrel Conservation Act (H.R. 4480)

An estimated 100,000 albatross die each year after becoming hooked on longline fishing gear and subsequently drowning.  they are also threatened by plastic pollution and invasive species such as rats on nesting islands.

Federal Bird-Safe Buildings Act (H.R. 2280)

As many as 1 billion birds may be killed each year due to building collisions.  H.R. 2280 would set vital standards for federal buildings to require bird-friendly design and materials on new or renovated buildings.

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Save these dates!

June 18th 9am Bird Walk Reese Sanctuary

  • Meet at parking lot next to tennis courts