Little Stony Point Eagle Bird Walk


Eagle Photo by Kyle Bardwell, shot at Croton Point

Scott Stevens shared this report. Yesterday’s Eagle walk was pretty well attended, but not the 50 people that signed up.  I was surprised because it was such a nice day!  At one point I counted 27 people, and there were six of us from the board there, so my best guess is 21 people attended, though I may have missed one or two counting. 

The Eagle watching was not great.  Most folks saw an nice mature Eagle in the first 5 minutes, but then nothing for the next hour.  The weather was great until you got into the wind at the point, and then it got cold fast.  We kept busy with sightings of Blue Birds, a Brown Creeper, lots of Common Mergansers, Icelandic and Herring Gulls, Black and Turkey Vultures, and a Red Tailed Hawk.

We eventually did spot a few Eagles far away, but of course it wasn’t until everyone wandered back to their cars that Perry, Ryan, Kyle and I got some nice views of Bald Eagles, and a speculative view of a Golden Eagle that the aforementioned birders saw better than I did.

In any event, folks seemed pleased with the event. I thought the group was both interested and interesting. There were a lot of first timers on an PHAS trip. Maybe a few recruits for the birdathon.   I thought it was fun, and no one walked away without seeing at least a far off view of an eagle.

Thanks to Pete, Perry, Ryan, Kyle and Lisa for coming to help.  As always, it was a group effort that benefited from many hands making light work.  I don't know about anyone else, but I look forward to the next one!

Thanks again and great job everyone who helped pull this off, both before or during the event.